Handmade Books for Photographers, with John Blakemore | Redeye - A rare opportunity not to be missed

Handmade books are the ultimate way to express yourself as a photographer. 

You are not limited to the layout of a web page, blog or the size of the gallery wall or the restrictions of print cost in a self-published book

I was lucky to have had John Blakemore as a lecturer at my time at university and if I am honest he’s the photographer I have the most respect for, forever patient and honest (which sometimes hurts) and has a wealth of knowledge that is just so hard to comprehend it blows your mind at how long a journey of being a photographer is.

The way he looks at photographs and sees sequences, that you haven’t even thought of and ideas on how to display photographs just go on and on.

Watching John Blakemore make a black and white print was also truly amazing dodging and burning with a piece of wire, blue tack and his trusty piece of card as his hands danced around the print with the timer ticking away was just a breathtaking experience, but sadly printing is not in the workshop!

John Blakemore is running a 2-day workshop with Redeye at the Manchester Art Gallery 7th/8th May 2016 and is a rare opportunity to learn from a true master!

Don’t miss it!

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