Operational Extras!

The place for all the photography related - non-photography stuff!


Where bad EXPOSURE doesn’t mean a poor picture but a near death condition affecting your body due to cold temreture, while you were trying to get that photograph! 

The stuff you should carry in your camera bag, but no one ever shows you in a review or mentions. 

Why you should never put a camera on a table or desk and the risks of puttting a camera bag on the floor when dogs are around

How to weatherproof your camera, and buy clothing with photography in mind and universal rule of footwear for photographers

The skills you need to stalk an ant, field dress a worm, track a hedgehog, be a tree and how to be invisible

The difference between bushcraft, survival, and wild camping, environmental responsibility, LNT. How to do it all, and should photographers do it or even care? 

How to boost your creativity, be at the right place at the right time or book the weather you want for your shoot?


Also introducing the Red Zone, a diferent kind of place for the photographer travelling or working in unpredictable places which includes lessons of survival from my time as a Royal Marine Commando  and also draws on my experiances of being under surveillance by the state (yes, I have documents to prove it) while doing my job as a photojournalist, steps to protect from it and a realistic risk assesment


The Red Zone: 

  • Dangers on the urban streets, theft, mugging, knife attacks, hugs and kisses. 
  • Hostile and hazourdous environments, protests, social unrest, anti-surveillance, counter surveillance and surveillance. 
  • Escape - Evade
  • Medic matters

In short I take a behind the scenes look at how to get the photo