Previewing images to check detail with the Fujifilm X PRO2 Reviewing Images. Quick Tip!​

Here is a quick tip for assessing critical detail with the Fujifilm X PRO2 in the field

On the X Pro2 when shooting RAW & L Fine JPEG you have the option to save the data to 2 cards.  The first card is Raw, the second JPEG

When you need to critically review image detail, sharpness, grain or any other fine detail it's best to view the card with the JPEG's which is normally slot 2 by pressing down on the centre of the joystick twice when in playback.

The RAW file has a lower quality and smaller JPEG image embedded in it where as the JPEG file is much larger

Pressing the zoom wheel down you will find a much higher magnification is activated, turning the thumb wheel left and right, varies the magnification.

Scroll around with the directional keys to move around the photo to view different areas of detail or you can use the joystick toggle.

I personally find this useful as I need to wear reading glasses for close up work, so reviewing the back of the screen means needing to put on my reading glasses. Instead I use the eye finder which is corrected with the diopter adjustment on the Fujifilm X Pro2.

Another welcome feature of the Fujifilm X Pro2 is the new control layout which you can use with just your right fingers and thumb, so I don't even have to move my eye from the viewfinder to see the results thanks to the natural layout of the buttons