Save the Ordnance Survey Maps From Being Flogged Off - Petition

I was shocked by a posted by Phillip Clegg in the Wild Camping Group on Facebook How are we supposed to navigate for any length of time without a map? Sure while you have batteries or at least power you can use a GPS or smartphone, but on a long journey then what when the power runs out? How do you see the planned of a trip on a small screen and in context with the rest of the land and the route you intend to follow? What would happen if another company ran the OS mapping service with commercial interests? Would they show the same details or update the cartography? 

For all outdoor enthusiasts, I see this as a shocking threat to our past time and I would like to encourage you to sign the petition to stop this mad idea

From the Guardian

Ordnance Survey is a government-owned company. The government no longer really needs it for military purposes and so fears are growing that George Osborne will sell it off. This would be a truly Britain-hating deed. Every Conservative (and everyone else) should rally round Ordnance Survey. It is a national asset to be proud of, a historic and educational phenomenon that tells the story of our nation in 460m features, enriching us as much as cultural crown jewels like the British Library and the BBC.

What would be gained by privatisation? I know what would be lost: paper maps bring in only 5% of revenues; the remotest Scottish sheets of the pink-jacketed 1:50,000 Landranger series only sell two or three copies a year. Why would shareholders or foreign owners bother updating such maps? Flogging Ordnance Survey will erase a piece of our identity, one sheet at a time.


Sign the Petition Here and stop this madness

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